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Program goal

Travel to American Samoa with medical professionals to conduct medical screenings for 5,000 children. Provide an impactful educational experience for our BYU students, setting them apart from thousands of other applicants as they apply to medical schools and other prestigious graduate programs.

Funding Goal: $75,000
Milestones: Each $7,500 funds another BYU student for the full study abroad and clinic costs

What will your donations do?

Launching BYU Students

  • This experience launches BYU students into medical schools and other impressive graduate programs. This is often the defining item on their resumes, setting them apart from thousands of other applicants.
  • Our BYU students receive mentoring and give service on this trip. This broadens their perspective and prepares them for a lifetime of service.

Going Forth to Serve

  • 1-3% of children in undeveloped areas like this have undiagnosed rheumatic heart disease. If diagnosed early, progress of the disease can be halted. Our team is able to find children and refer them for lifesaving treatment.
  • The team also trains local health professionals to be certified cardiac sonographers for long-term, sustainable impact.
  • Education programs in schools teach children, caregivers, community leaders, health sector personnel, and government leaders how to prevent RHD.
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Program Launch: May 2023
Location: American Samoa
Planned screenings: 4,000 children in 2 weeks
Volunteers: Cardiologists, cardiac sonographers, BYU faculty, and humanitarian and administrative

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Prior Successes: Western Samoa
Screenings To Date: over 50,000 children
Diagnoses To Date: 685 children
BYU Students To Date: 100