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Our Mission

Learn about our goals to lower risk of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Samoa

Our Mission

The mission of Rheumatic Relief is to reduce the burden of rheumatic heart disease through health promotion, education, echocardiography screening, follow-up, and training of local medical personnel for echocardiography certification. We hope to be able to expand Rheumatic Relief to other countries within the next 5 years.

Partnering with the Local Community

BYU Rheumatic Relief is committed to being a sustainable program. That means we actively partner with the local government and medical professionals throughout the program. We provide training and equipment so this testing and treatment can continue after our team leaves the country.

A Collaborative Effort

Students from Brigham Young University, along with their instructors, have the opportunity of implementing and refining an education program to share with children and their caregivers. The program draws attention to the seriousness of a sore throat and outlines the appropriate actions to be taken. A team of cardiac sonographers, led by board certified cardiologists, complete the program by offering free echo screenings and follow up exams for the children. These clinical professionals will also oversee the training and certification of local health care workers to have the skills in echocardiography, which supports the sustainability of the screening and follow-up program. The involvement with and oversight of the RHD program by indigenous nurses, doctors and governmental leaders and health agencies has been, and will continue to be, essential to the overall success of the program.