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The Destination

Learn about American Samoa and our decision to conduct the Rheumatic Relief Program in this beautiful island country.



American Samoa is a small island territory of the United States spanning 76.1 square miles, located between Hawaii and Australia. The islands of American Samoa display magnificent volcanic peaks, picture-perfect coastal lines, and is filled with beautiful rainforests, reefs, and beaches. The Polynesian territory consists of five islands and two atolls with over 45,000 citizens inhabiting them.

American Samoa has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, the wet season which is between December and March, and the dry season running from April through September. The average daily temperature sits at the perfect spot of 81–83 °F (27–28 °C) all year long.

The People

Fa'a Samoa, or the Samoan way, is a way of life that places a high value on community with three main pillars: the matai (chief) system, aiga (family), and the church. These three elements are key for cultivating a culture known for its happy and loving people. The Samoan people share a love for their traditional dances, singing, and food.